Food Plot Links

Below is a list of related links for food plots. Everything from hunting gear to storytelling, these links will provide you with related information on food plots and hunting. If you would like to exchange links with Elk Mound Seed please email us at - Elk Mound Seed also sells farm seed, such as alfalfa and clover, with many different varieties of seed corn.

QDMA Forum - Discuss land management, planting do's and don'ts and view many pictures from trail cameras. - Call Jeff Goss (715-874-5122 - Email for great rates on tilling, planting, plot design work, and much more. He also does analysis on location, water and whitetail/turkey traffic patterns. Located in Eau Claire, WI. - Looking for hunting land in Wisconsin? This site will help you find land to buy or lease. - Check out our MonsterBuck Seed being used on the Outdoor Junkies TV show. - MonsterBuck's soil test laboratory. - A site that provides detailed and comprehensive review about hunting gear.

University of Purdue Crop Index - Can help answer any questions you may have on seed varieties. Helps with planting, soil, seeding rate and climate recommendations.