Q: What should my pH be when planting a food plot? A: The pH of your soil will measure its acidity. Optimal soil pH for MonsterBuck products is 6.8, however some mixes and individual seeds can tolerate lower pH levels. If your pH is below 6.5 we recommend adding lime to your soil before you plant to improve your pH. Purchase our Soil Test Kit ($19.95) and have your soil tested to ensure the most accurate pH reading with lime/fertilizer recommendations. With continuous management you should be able to produce the best food plot.

Q: Do you have instructions to plant MonsterBuck Seed?
A: Yes, check out our planting instructions guide.

Q: What would be the best thing to plant in my food plot?
A: The answer to this question depends entirely on your goals. If your objective is to hold the deer and provide forage throughout the growing months, products such as alfalfa or clover are suggested. If your objective is to attract deer, products such as corn and brassicas are recommended.

Q: When is the best time to plant?
A: A spring planted plot should be planted as soon as the risk for a hard frost subsides. This will give your plot the best chance to get established before the weeds and the hot, dry summer months. A fall planted plot should be planted 4-6 weeks before your expected frost date. This will give your plots enough time to become established before the winter. ALWAYS AVOID PLANTING IN HOT, DRY SOILS!!!

Q: What separates MonsterBuck Food Plots from the competition?
A: The developers at MonsterBuck Food Plots source our seed from northern climates, where seeds tend to be more northern hardy. By doing so, our products are much more likely to survive the harshest of winters. Does this mean that our products won't perform in the South? Definitely not, MonsterBuck products will perform equally well in southern climates.

Q: Why doesn't MonsterBuck use fancy, shiny packaging?
A: At MonsterBuck Food Plots, we believe that what is inside the bag is far more important than what's shown on the outside.

Q: Do I need to fertilize my plot?
A: This is a difficult question to answer without a soil test. Some areas are going to be sufficient in the needed nutrients while others won't. To make sure, purchase our Soil Test Kit ($19.95).

Q: My deer prefer a specific product, why should I plant a mix?
A: The developers at MonsterBuck Food Plots have formulated our mixes to be productive throughout the growing season. Because of this deer prefer eating different forages at different times of the year. Sometimes planting a monoculture (one species) is effective, but not always.

Q: How deep should I plant my seed?
A: MonsterBuck products should be seeded between ¼" and ½" deep. If you have heavy soil, plant near ¼", if you have sandy soil, plant near ½". As a general rule of thumb, the smaller the seed, the shallower it should be planted. The only exception to this is seed corn. MonsterBuck seed corn should be planted between 1 ½" and 2 ½" deep depending on the soil texture.

Q: How long will my food plots last?
A: Our perennial mixes should last 3 years or more if properly maintained. Mowing your perennial plots at least once a year, if not twice, will greatly increase the longevity and persistence of your stands. Our annual mixes will be dead after one full growing season.

Q: How much area of food plots should I have?
A: In order to sufficiently support a deer herd, your food plot should be between 5-10% of your total hunting acreage.

Q: What is the most overlooked process in planting food plots?
A: In the eyes of the people at MonsterBuck, the most overlooked process is definitely seed-to-soil compaction. Getting proper seed-to-soil contact is pertinent, especially with small seeds such as alfalfa and clover.

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