Sideoats Grama Native Grass Seed

Sideoats Grama Native Grass Seed

Sideoats Grama Native Grass Seed

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25 Lb - $390.00

This seed is sold as pure live seed (PLS). Pure live seed is the percentage of pure and viable seed in a given lot.
  • Sideoats Grama is long-lived and warm-seasoned grass.
  • Works well to mix with a cool season grass.
  • It has short, scaly rhizomes. Usually it makes a bunch-type growth and can form a dense sod.
  • The flowering stocks are 2-3 feet tall. The leaves are about 10-12 inches long and nearly 1/4 inch wide. The seed-head consists of a large number of oat-like seeds set on one side of the stem, which is about 6-12 inches long.
  • The root system is fairly deep and well branched; thus the plants can effectively utilize all available moisture.
  • Longevity: Perennial.


Broadcasted -> 8-12 lbs (PLS) acre.

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