Indiangrass Native Grass Seed

Indiangrass Native Grass Seed

Indiangrass Native Grass Seed

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This seed is sold as pure live seed (PLS). Pure live seed is the percentage of pure and viable seed in a given lot.
  • Indiangrass is a long-lived, warm-seasoned, tall native bunchgrass.
  • Works well to mix with a cool season grass.
  • It's adapted throughout the United States in most soil types from heavy clay to coarse sands.
  • Indiangrass spreads by seed. Individual plants increase by size to large, dense bunches of underground rhizomes.
  • Provides excellent forage for wildlife and good cover for deer and gamebirds.
  • Should be planted between 1/4" - 1/2" in. deep.
  • Best seedling stands have been obtained where plantings were made on a clean-tilled, firm, well-prepared seedbed.
  • Longevity: Perennial.


Drilled -> 6-8 lbs (PLS) per acre
Broadcasted -> 10 lbs (PLS) per acre

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